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Art History


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Art history is the study of art created in the past by individuals from various cultures and parts of the world. It is the study of the historical development of art as social and intellectual phenomenon, the analysis of works of art and art conservation. Students study specific periods, cultures, styles and themes. The art historian seeks to interpret and understand works of art of many types, ranging from the monumental to small scale, by learning about artists’ lives and their societies. Students are prepared for a wide range of professional careers – in museums, galleries, auction houses or publishing, including antique dealer, art appraiser, art dealer, art restorer and museum curator.

Art History, Associate Degree for Transfer

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program, students will have proficiency in the written and verbal critical analysis of diverse visual cultures and artworks, demonstrate the basics of aesthetic formal analysis, and gain the vocabulary necessary to conduct a coherent critical investigation of artworks in both written and verbal form, as well as the ability to situate those artworks within a social context and a historical chronology. Additionally, students will demonstrate the ability to explore the function of aesthetic objects, the materials and techniques of artistic production, systems of patronage, the conventions of representation, and the relationship between art, politics, race, gender, sexuality, and power.

Area of Emphasis: (18 units)

Required Core Courses: (9 units)

AHIS 1,Western Art History I(3)
AHIS 2,Western Art History II(3)
ART 20A,Drawing I – Introduction to Drawing(3)
LIST A: Select 1 course from the following: (3 units)*
AHIS 5,Latin American Art History 1(3)
AHIS 6,Latin American Art History 2(3)
AHIS 15,Mexican Art History(3)
AHIS 17,Arts of Asia(3)
AHIS 18,Introduction to African Art History(3)

* Students who completed Art History 11 fall 2012 through fall 2013 and have maintained continuous enrollment may use it to fulfill this area requirement.

LIST B: Select 1 course from the following: (3 units)
ART 10A,Design I(3)
ART 13,Form and Space: Introduction to 3D Design(3)
ART 21A,Figure Drawing I(3)
ART 21B,Figure Drawing II(3)
ART 40A,Sculpture Fundamentals(3)
ART 40B,Sculpture Explorations(3)
ART 40C,Advanced Sculpture(3)
ART 52A,Introduction to Ceramics(3)
ART 52B,Ceramics: Hand Building(3)
ART 52C,Ceramics III(3)
PHOTO 1,Introduction to Photography(3)
LIST C: Select one course from the following: (3-5 units)

Students may select any course not already used in List A or B, or one course that meets the following criteria:

ART 10B,Design Theory & Practice(3)
ART 10C,Digital Media(3)
ART 15,Lettering(3)
ART 17A,3D Jewelry Design I(3)
ART 17B,3D Jewelry Design II(3)
ART 20B,Drawing II – Drawing with Color(3)
ART 20C,Digital Drawing(3)
ART 30A,Beginning Watercolor Painting I(3)
ART 30B,Watercolor Painting II(3)
ART 30C,Acrylic Painting Techniques(3)
ART 31,Beginning Oil Painting(3)
ART 32,Intermediate Painting(3)
ART 33,Figure Painting(3)
ART 34A,New Genres(3)
ART 34B,Contemporary Art Theory and Practice(3)
ART 35,Airbrush Techniques(3)
ART 41A,Figure Modeling Sculpture I(3)
ART 41B,Figure Modeling Sculpture II(3)
ART 43A,Glass Sculpture I(3)
ART 43B,Glass Sculpture II(3)
ART 60,Introduction to Printmaking(3)
ART 60B,Introduction to Digital Printing(3)
ART 61A,Etching(3)
ART 61B,Advanced Etching(3)
ART 62,Serigraphy (Silkscreen)(3)
ART 63,Lithography(3)
  • Any CSU transferable AHIS course
  • Any Art or Humanities course articulated as CSU GE, Area C1 or IGETC Area 3A;
  • Any course articulated as CSU GE, Area C1 or IGETC Area 3B in a language other than English (except ASL); Art, History, Humanities, Philosophy; Religion/Religious Studies;
  • Any course articulated as CSU GE, Area D1, D3, D4, or D6 or IGETC Area 4 courses in Anthropology and Archeology, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, History.