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Communication Studies


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Communication and Media Studies majors will learn the dynamics of communication between and among individuals, groups and cultures, and/or the media. Communication integrates courses in interpersonal, intercultural, organizational and mass communication and public relations. There is a wide range of employment possibilities for students trained in Media Studies in business, sales, public and personnel relations, and advertising. Students can prepare for careers in media news writing and editing, announcing, programming, publicity, community relations, directing and public relations.

Speech and Communication Studies majors pursue a variety of careers depending on their interests. Public relations and advertising firms, health care organizations, government and educational institutions, entertainment companies, social service groups, and media-based firms are just some examples of organizations having a need for people with highly developed interpersonal and technical communication skills. Some of the current career titles include communication consultant, public information officer, public relations specialist, political consultant, press secretary, labor relations specialist, public opinion researcher, news producer, speech/language pathologist, speechwriter, advertising account executive, media manager, human resources manager, mediator, special events coordinator and development officer/fund raiser.

Because of the focus on interpersonal, professional, and intercultural communication skills, this major may also lead to many other careers. For additional career possibilities, visit the Career Services Center on the main campus to utilize computerized career information systems and other valuable career resources.

Communication Studies, Associate Degree for Transfer

Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer (AA-T), students will have a strong academic foundation in the field and be prepared for upper-division baccalaureate study. Completion of the degree indicates that the student will have satisfied the lower-division requirements for transfer into Communication Studies or similar majors for many campuses in the California State University system.

Students pursuing the Associate in Arts In Communication Studies for Transfer will demonstrate, through written and oral academic work, knowledge of communication principles, concepts, and theories and be prepared to pursue further study in communication studies or a similar major at the baccalaureate level at the California State University.

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program, students will be able to analyze and demonstrate the relationship between speaker, audience, message, and medium in a variety of communication contexts. Students will also be able to identify, analyze, and demonstrate appropriate conflict management styles in both interpersonal and intercultural forums.

Area of Emphasis: (18 units)

Required Core Course: (3 units)

COM ST 11,Elements of Public Speaking(3)
LIST A: Select 2 courses from the following: (6 units)
COM ST 16,Fundamentals of Small Group Discussion(3)
COM ST 21,Argumentation(3)
COM ST 35,Interpersonal Communication(3)
LIST B: Select 2 of the following: (6 units)
Any course not already used above and/or:
COM ST 12,Persuasion(3)
COM ST 14,Oral Interpretation:  Performing Literature Across Cultures(3)
COM ST 30,Introduction to Communication Theory(3)
COM ST 37,Intercultural Communication(3)
ENGL 2,Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition(3)
FILM 1,Film Appreciation: Introduction to Cinema(3)
MATH 54,Elementary Statistics(4)
MEDIA 1,Survey of Mass Media Communications(3)
PSYCH 5,The Psychology of Communication(3)
LIST C: Select 1 course from the following: (3 units)
Any course not already used above or any one of the following:
ANTHRO 2,Cultural Anthropology(3)
COM ST 9,Introduction to Communication Studies(3)
COM ST 13,Voice and Diction(3)
COM ST 31,Research Methods for Communication Studies(3)
COM ST 36,Gender and Communication(3)
ENGL 2,Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition(3)
HIST 1,History of Western Civilization I(3)
HIST 2,History of Western Civilization II(3)
JOURN 1,The News(3)
PSYCH 1,General Psychology(3)
SOCIOL 1,Introduction to Sociology(3)
SOCIOL 1s,Introduction to Sociology – Service Learning(3)