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Public Policy


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The Public Policy program consists of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary course of study that presents an overview of the development and implementation of important public policies affecting the lives of local, regional, and state residents. This program is designed to equip students with the skills and tools to successfully engage in civic debate and to critically evaluate and analyze the development and implementation of substantive public policies, while providing an opportunity to work with governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies in a direct way.

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Public Policy, Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program, students will be able to identify, apply and critique the use of the scientific method as it relates to the study of the human mind. Students should be capable of describing domains of psychology such as the relationship between the brain and behavior; patterns of thinking, memory and learning; developmental and social influences; as well as atypical psychology and pathology

Area of Emphasis: (19 units)

Required Core Course: (7 units)

POL SC 1,American and California Politics(3)
POL SC 3,Introduction to Politics: Justice, Power and Agency(3)
POL SC 31,Introduction to Public Policy(3)
POL SC 95,Experiential Learning(1)

Critical Thinking and Communication:

AREA A: English Language and Critical Thinking (3 units)
BUS 32,Business Communications(3)
ENGL 1 ,Reading and Composition 1(3)
ENGL 2 ,Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition(3)
ENGL 31 ,Advanced Composition(3)
HIST 47 ,The Practice of History(3)
PHILOS 7 ,Logic and Critical Thinking(3)
AREA B: Oral Communication/Media Literacy: (3 units)
COM ST 11 ,Elements of Public Speaking(3)
COM ST 37,Intercultural Communication(3)
JOURN 1 ,The News(3)
MEDIA 1 ,Survey of Mass Media Communications(3)
MEDIA 2 ,Reading Media: Acquiring Media Literacy Skills(3)
MEDIA 10 ,Media, Gender, and Race(3)
WGS 30 ,Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Popular Culture (formerly WOM ST 30)(3)

SPECIALIZATION AREAS: Students are required to take 2 courses WITHIN one of the following five (5) tracks: (6 units)

Arts and Cultural Affairs Track:
AHIS 3 ,Global Art History Since 1860(3)
AHIS 11 ,Art Appreciation: Introduction to Global Visual Culture(3)
AHIS 72 ,American Art History(3)
DANCE 2 ,Dance in American CultureDance in American Culture(3)
DANCE 5 ,Dance HistoryDance History(3)
DANCE 9 ,Dance Productions(3)
MUSIC 30 ,Music History I(3)
MUSIC 33 ,Jazz in American Culture(3)
MUSIC 36 ,History of Rock Music(3)
MUSIC 37 ,Music in American Culture(3)
TH ART 2,Introduction to the Theatre(3)
TH ART 5 ,History of World Theatre(3)
Educational Track:
ECE 11 ,Child, Family and Community(3)
ECE 19,Teaching in a Diverse Society(3)
ECE 45 ,Introduction to Children with Special Needs(3)
ECE 64 ,Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children(3)
EDUC 12 ,Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching and Field Experiences(3)
LING 1 ,Introduction to Linguistics(3)
PSYCH 11 ,Child Growth and Development(3)
Environmental Track:
BIOL 9,Environmental Biology(3)
ENVRN 7,Introduction to Environmental Studies (same as ENVRN 7)(3)
ENVRN 20,Environmental Ethics (same as PHILOS 20)(3)
ENVRN 22,Environmental Politics and Policies (same as PL SC 22)(3)
ENVRN 40,Environmental Psychology (same as PSYCH 40)(3)
GEOG 7 ,Introduction to Environmental Studies (same as ENVRN 7)(3)
GEOG 14,Geography of California(3)
PHILOS 20,Environmental Ethics (same as ENVRN 20)(3)
POL SC 22,Environmental Politics and Policies (same as ENVRN 22)(3)
PSYCH 40,Environmental Psychology (same as ENVRN 40)(3)
Public Health Track:
ECE 64,Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children(3)
HEALTH 10,Fundamentals of Healthful Living(3)
HEALTH 60,Multicultural Health and Healing Practices (same as NURSNG 60)(3)
HEALTH 70,Integrative Health(3)
NRSNG 60,Multicultural Health and Healing Practices (same as HEALTH 60)(3)
NUTR 1 ,Introduction to Nutrition Science(3)
NUTR 7 ,Food and Culture in America(3)
PSYCH 8,Community Psychology(3)
PSYCH 13 ,Social Psychology(3)
Urban/Socioeconomic Track
AD JUS 1,Introduction to Administration of Justice(3)
ECON 1 ,Principles of Microeconomics(3)
ECON 2 ,Principles of Macroeconomics(3)
ECON 6,Contemporary Economic Problems(3)
GEOG 8,Introduction to Urban Studies (same as GEOG 8)(3)
HIST 10 ,Ethnicity and American Culture(3)
POL SC 21,Race, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Difference(3)
POL SC 24,Introduction to Law(3)
PSYCH 8,Community Psychology(3)
PSYCH 13 ,Social Psychology(3)
SOCIOL 1,Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOCIOL 1s,Introduction to Sociology - Service Learning(3)
SOCIOL 2 ,Social Problems(3)
SOCIOL 2s,Social Problems - Service Learning(3)
SOCIOL 30,African Americans in Contemporary Society(3)
SOCIOL 31,Latinas/os in Contemporary SocietyLatinas/os in Contemporary Society(3)
SOCIOL 32,Asian Americans in Contemporary Society(3)
SOCIOL 34 ,Racial and Ethics Relations in American Society(3)
URBAN 8,Introduction to Urban Studies (same as GEOG 8)(3)