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Studio Art


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Artists express their thoughts and feelings by creating fine art works that are primarily intended for aesthetic enjoyment. Related career titles include advertising artist or designer, art administrator, furniture designer, illustrator, courtroom sketcher, medical illustrator, animator and toy designer. Some organizations that typically employ art majors include: studios, museums, auction houses, art councils, educational institutions, hospitals, interior design departments, advertising agencies, and film and media production companies. Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Studio Arts for Transfer (AA-T), students will have a strong academic foundation in the field and be prepared for upper-division baccalaureate study. Completion of the degree indicates that the student will have satisfied the lower division requirements for transfer into Studio Arts or similar majors for many campuses in the California State University system.

Studio Arts, Associate Degree for Transfer

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, students will be able to demonstrate an ability to work with contemporary visual ideas and their solutions as they apply to studio practice; have an understanding of conceptual thinking and the ability to communicate their ideas using research which will include media, visual culture, art history, history, and an understanding of the importance of verbal and written skills; and develop strong visualization skills, professional attitude and a portfolio that supports their goals.

Area of Emphasis: (24 units)

Required Core Courses: (12 units)

AHIS 2,Western Art History II(3)
ART 10A,Design I(3)
ART 13,Form and Space: Introduction to 3D Design(3)
ART 20A,Drawing I – Introduction to Drawing(3)

LIST A: Select 1 course from the following: (3 units)

AHIS 1,Western Art History I(3)
AHIS 3,Global Art History Since 1860(3)
AHIS 17,Arts of Asia(3)

LIST B: Select 3 courses from the following: (9 units)

ART 10B,Design Theory & Practice(3)
ART 10C,Digital Media(3)
ART 15,Lettering(3)
ART 17A,3D Jewelry Design I(3)
ART 17B,3D Jewelry Design II(3)
ART 20B,Drawing II – Drawing with Color(3)
ART 20C,Digital Drawing(3)
ART 21A,Figure Drawing I(3)
ART 21B,Figure Drawing II (3)
ART 30A,Beginning Watercolor Painting I(3)
ART 30B,Watercolor Painting II(3)
ART 30C,Acrylic Painting Techniques(3)
ART 31,Beginning Oil Painting(3)
ART 32,Intermediate Painting(3)
ART 33,Figure Painting(3)
ART 35,Airbrush Techniques(3)
ART 40A,Sculpture Fundamentals(3)
ART 40B,Sculpture Explorations(3)
ART 40C,Advanced Sculpture(3)
ART 41A,Figure Modeling Sculpture I(3)
ART 41B,Figure Modeling Sculpture II(3)
ART 43A,Glass Sculpture I(3)
ART 52A,Introduction to Ceramics(3)
ART 52B,Ceramics: Hand Building(3)
ART 60,Introduction to Printmaking(3)
ART 61A,Etching(3)
ART 61B,Advanced Etching(3)
ART 62,Serigraphy (Silkscreen)(3)
ART 63,Lithography(3)