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Film Production


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The program in Film Production will provide hands-on instruction in filmmaking/digital video production. This encompasses creative and logistical production, directing, editing, cinematography, and audio, as well as techniques for making specific types of films and/or videos, and the planning and management of film/video operations. All of the production classes infuse theory into and through the course products.

For additional career possibilities, visit the Career Services Center on the main campus to utilize computerized career information systems and other valuable career resources.

Film Production, Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program, students will produce film projects of high quality, congruent with films accepted into high-profile film festivals. Students will become proficient in the use of the latest technology, including High Definition (HD) and 4K formats. Students will gain significant exposure to the industry and film professionals and develop a network to support their career in film production.

Area of Emphasis: (30-33 units)

Foundation Courses: (12 units)

FILM 1,Film Appreciation Introduction to Cinema(3)
FILM 2,History of Motion Pictures(3)
FILM 20,Beginning Scriptwriting(3)
FILM 30,Production Planning for Film and Video(3)
FILM 31,Introduction to Digital Filmmaking(3)

Film Production Courses: (6-9 units required)

OPTION 1: Students who completed courses listed below prior to fall 2014
FILM 32,Advanced Digital Filmmaking(3)
FILM 33,Directing the Short Film(3)
OPTION 2: Students who completed courses listed below fall 2014 or later
FILM 32,Intermediate Digital Filmmaking(3)
FILM 32L,Intermediate Digital Filmmaking Lab(1)
FILM 33,Making the Short Film (3)
FILM 33L,Making the Short Film Lab(2)
FILM 34,Advanced Digital Filmmaking (3)
FILM 34L,Advanced Digital Filmmaking Lab(1)

Specialized Courses: (6 units required)

DMPOST 3,Digital Video Fundamentals  (formerly ET 31A)(3)
FILM 40,Cinematography(3)
FILM 41,Advanced Cinematography(3)
FILM 50,Production Sound(3)

Elective Courses: (minimum 6 units)

AHIS 11,Art Appreciation: Introduction to Global Visual Culture(3)
DMPOST 2,Digital Audio Fundamentals (formerly ET 40)(3)
DMPOST 30,Digital Video Editing (formerly ET 31B)(3)
DMPOST 60,Post-Production Studio (formerly ET 60)(3)
FILM 7,American Cinema: Crossing Cultures(3)
FILM 21,Advanced Scriptwriting(3)